Driving Ambition, Toronto: Bundoran Press, 2018, reissued as an independent publication 2020 [click link to buy in various formats]

Short Stories and Poetry

Selected short stories can be read in the collection Automotive Dreams, available from Kindle Direct Publishing.

"The Ghosts of Trees", Shroeline of Infinity 20, March 2021 (available to read for free at the link).

"The Lori", Clarkesworld issue 167, August 2020 (available to read for free at the link).

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reprinted in Best Of British SF 2018, Newcon Press, 2019).

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(Available to read for free-- click the link)

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“Skulduggery,” with Alan Stevens, Shelf Life, edited by Jay Eales et al., Factor Fiction Press, 2008 (available to read for free at

"Ghost," On Spec (Fall 1996)


Radio Bastard, with Alan Stevens, Robert Barringer-Lock and Steve Allen, Magic Bullet Productions, 2013

Metafiction, with Alan Stevens, Magic Bullet Productions, 2012

Storm Mine (stage version), with Alan Stevens and Daniel O'Mahony. Lass O'Gowrie Productions. Performed at the Manchester Fringe Festival 2012.

Metafiction (stage version), with Alan Stevens. Performed at SF London Festival 2011.

When Travis Met Blake, with Alan Stevens, 2008. Performed at Aftermath convention, Northampton.

The Prisoner, with Alan Stevens, MJTV Productions, 2006

Hidden Persuaders, with Jim Smith. Magic Bullet Productions, 2003

Anthropology books

Professional Identities (with Shirley Ardener)


By Your Command: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Battlestar Galactica vol. 1

Audio dramas

Kaldor City: Metafiction


Blood and Water